TOSHIBA Accessibility

TOSHIBA Accessibility 1.62

This utility allows you to configure and enable Fn-Sticky Keys
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Using Toshiba Accessibility enables the user to make the Function key a sticky key whereby the user can press the Fn key just once, release it, and then press a function# key to activate a hot key combination without the need of holding the function key. (e.g. FN+F1 to lock the computer, etc.).
A sticky key consists of pressing the FN key once, release it, and then press a function# key to activate the hot key function.
Toshiba Accessibility is accessed through "Programs \ Toshiba Utilities \ Accessibility". Once Toshiba Accessibility has been activated, this task, FNKEYHOOK, ensures in the background that the Fn key does behave as a sticky key.
Some options available are:
-Press twice the FN key to activate/deactivate sticky keys.
-Play a sound when FN key is pressed.
-Deactivate automatically after a determined amount of time

This application can be disabled on the Startups tab; or this program can be uninstalled in the control panel.

Since It is not a Windows core file, the program may not have a visible window. This program is able to record inputs; therefore security risks may be present.

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  • Allows the user to create hot key combinations


  • May require extra memory of the system. Ocassionally presents working issues with Windows Vista
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